Aqua Zumba is a water fitness
class. Water fitness has
become very popular because
it allows people of all fitness
levels to get a workout.

Water fitness is a great form
of low-impact exercise
expecially for people with
arthritis and for those who are
overweight, deconditioned, or
recovering from injury.

Because of the buoyancy of
water there is less stress on
the joints and bones. In
addition, because moving
against water creates
resistance you will build
muscle and endurance.
Aqua Zumba
Shoes to wear in the pool!
Aqua zumba allows you to get a great workout but also makes it fun.
Just like the regular zumba format, aqua zumba uses dance and
fitness moves to the background of fun, upbeat music.

The instructor may be guiding the class from outside the pool.
Zumba has a certification program to train those who want to
become an Aqua
zumba Instructor. To become an aqua zumba
instructor you would need to be first certified in basic zumba by
taking the basic
zumba instructor workshop.

When doing aqua Zumba or any water fitness class it is
recommended to wear shoes. There are special aqua fitness shoes
you can wear that provide cushioning and support, traction for the
bottom of the pool, and soles that facilitate water drainage. Here are
some great ones below:
Ryka - Hydro Sport (Black/Berry/Chrome Silver) - Footwear
Ryka - Hydro Sport (Detox Blue/Twinkle Blue/Chrome Silver) - Footwear