Start your own fitness website is a resource for fitness, dance and yoga topics
You may want to start your own website for many reasons. A website could help promote your fitness business and
attract more clients. You could sell products on your site such as videos, CD's, books, or equipment. As a fitness
professional a website can supplement your income by linking it to ads and affiliate programs as I do with this
To get started all you need is a hosting service and a website builder. If you want to get into making money with
your website you can then look into affiliate programs or google adsense.
When I started this site many years ago I did not know much about search
engine optimization. Now that I know more I realize that Yahoo is not the
best platform for getting your site to rank highest in google. WordPress
seems to be most popular for starting a blog or website and a popular
hosting service is
HostGator. A great feature in HostGator is an automatic
installation for Wordpress. Remember to choose if you want
to monetize your site, not  I have used Wordpress and
HostGator for all of my newer blogs and websites.
One of the affiliate programs I use is I offer suggestions on products to buy that are related to my
topic such as
fitness videos, exercise equipment, and a variety of fitness-related products. The beauty of this is
that Amazon sells alot more and when people start shopping you get a commission for whatever they buy.
Another one I use is Commmission Junction. Visit to learn about how to become an affiliate marketer with
your choice of several advertisers. Advertisers are grouped in categories and you can choose the health and
fitness category or any other one that matches your topic.
Most popular is Google Adsense. Go to to learn how to place free ads on your site. Google
generates ads that are related to your site and the content that you write.
These tools will get you started but you still need to do alot of reading and research to learn how to generate
traffic to your site. There is so much information out there for free or at your library. Just look for information that is
recent, from the past year if available, because technology changes so fast.

By providing a website about fitness and health you are providing a service that is helping people by giving them
information that is educational and inspirational. When you monetize your site you will also be giving yourself some
extra income. Hope this helps you get you on your way. Good luck!
Start a Fitness Website
Making Money with Affiliates and Adsense
I started this site with Yahoo Web Hosting along with Yahoo Sitebuilder.  Sitebuilder is a free tool that you can use
to build your website. I knew nothing about HTML or anything related to putting together the components of a site
other than this tool. If you have basic knowledge of word processing programs you can use Sitebuilder. It is
extremely beginner-user-friendly using drag and drop features. It is easy to monetize your site by merely opening
a box and dropping in your HTML which you will copy from the advertisers.