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best shoes for zumba!
Zumba Fitness has a line of shoes that you will see below. Other shoes
that are great for dance-fitness are any lightweight cross-trainer such
as the Ryka shoes or Nike shoes that are created for dance fitness.
Here's a tip for a comfortable shoe: Take out the insole that comes with
the shoe (they are usually very thin) and replace them with an athletic
insole. You may have to buy a shoe size or half size up to do this.
Zumba - Zumba Impact Max (Black) - Footwear
Zumba - Zumba Flex Classic (Fuchsia/Lime) - Footwear
Zumba - Zumba Impact Max (Purple/Fuchsia) - Footwear
Dance-fitness has gained popularity as one of the best forms of
exercise. Exercise should not have to be boring, hard or tedious. With
zumba and other dance-fitness exercise programs you can have fun
while you burn calories. Everybody loves music and music makes
people want to move!  You will look forward to going to classes and it
will keep you motivated to exercise everyday. They say that the best
exercise is the one that you actually do!

Like any sport you want to have the best equipment. In dance your
shoes are your equipment so get ones that fit comfortably and help
you get the most out of your experience. Make sure you have good
support. Try on different shoes. They all fit differently.
Spenco - PolySorb Cross Trainer Insole (Green) - Footwear
Spenco - 3/4 Orthotic Insole (Insole) - Footwear
Spenco - RX Full Arch Cushion Insole (Green) - Footwear