How to choose the right fitness shoe
Aerobics? Tennis? Dance-fitness? Athletic shoes come in many styles and fits.
Wearing the correct shoe for your sport is important. You will reduce the chance of
injury and create a better experience for your activity.

You should also take into consideration the surface of the floor that you will be
exercising on. Choose a shoe that may be better for your type of foot as well. Some
shoes run wider and some are more narrow.

When buying a shoe online, reading the details and reviews are extremely helpful.
Here's some descriptions and recommendations for all types of fitness shoes.
Cross Training Shoes
If you are looking for an athletic shoe for working out in the gym, whether you are lifting
weights, or taking a step-aerobics class, then a cross trainer would work just fine.
These shoes give you good overall support. Recommended:

Running shoes
If you are a runner then be sure and get this sport-specific shoe. Running shoes have
more shock absorption and will protect your knees, ankles and hips. Recommended:

Dance-Fitness Shoes
Dance fitness shoes have less traction on the bottom and often have a pivot point for
those gliding and dance aerobic moves that require you to pivot. They are lightweight
and should have good lateral support for side to side movement. Recommended:

Tennis Shoes
Look for shoes with "tennis" in the description. Tennis shoes should also have good
lateral support and be lightweight. Recommended:

Aqua Shoes
Aquatic shoes or pool shoes help protect your feet from the bottom of the pool when
doing pool exercises and give you added support for
aqua exercise. Recommended:

Tips for all Fitness Shoes
  • Replace shoes every 3 to 6 months if you wear them several times a week
  • Put in a good cushioned innersole and change the innersole every month to
    make the shoe last longer
  • Try on shoes at the end of the day because feet may expand as the day goes on
  • If your knees, ankle or hips are hurting, one reason may be that the shoe
    support has worn down, and it is time to buy a new pair.
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New Balance - WX608V2 (White/Blue) - Footwear
K-Swiss - K-Ona Women's (White/Gold/Silver/Red) - Footwear