Zumba Instructor Workshop
So you've decided to become a zumba instructor! Attending a Zumba Instructor workshop
is very exciting. Some people take the instructor training just for fun. Some take it because
they definitely plan on teaching Zumba.

There are no written tests and no passing or failing at the Zumba Instructor workshop so
just relax and enjoy it.  The workshop schedule is listed at zumba.com.
What to bring to the zumba instructor training workshop
The one day workshop usually goes from 8:30am to 5:30pm so you need to be prepared
with food, water, and extra clothing.
  • bring a cooler containing your lunch and some healthy snacks
  • bring a few bottles of water
  • bring extra clothing to change into after taking the first master class
  • comfortable shoes, preferably dance-aerobic shoes
  • bring your money or credit cards to purchase Zumba clothing and ZIN membership
  • bring a notepad and pen to write down all the names and numbers of your new friends!
What to Expect at the Zumba Instructor Training Workshop
You will be at the workshop for the entire day.  When you arrive you will receive a packet
of information plus a Zumba dvd set which is included in your registration price. There are
people of all ages, all sizes, and all nationalities attending zumba instructor trainings!

Most Zumba Instructor workshops are hosted at health clubs so you will sit on the mats in
the group fitness room.
Zumba Instructor Workshop
What to expect at the Zumba Instructor workshop
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The first hour is a Zumba master class.  Afterwards you take a break to change into some
drier clothes and then you will be sitting on the floor for some time.You will learn about the
history of zumba, about teaching zumba and how to market your classes.

After a one hour lunch break you will then be moving the rest of the day, learning the
dance steps such as salsa, cumbia, reggaeton and merengue.  Towards the end of the
day you may break into small groups of 5 or 6. A song will be played and you will put
together some steps to do to that song as a team. When it is your team's turn, you will do
the steps and each person will take a turn leading while the others follow. But don't worry,
your turn only lasts about 10 seconds! Remember there is no pass or fail so just have fun
with it!
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