Along with teaching classes, zumba instructors who are part of the zumba
instructor network (there is a membership fee for this) can buy
clothing wholesale to resell to their students and to the general public.
This is another way a zumba instructor can generate some extra income.
Some zumba instructors open their own fitness studios. In a high-traffic
location, a studio that offers several different types of fitness or dance
classes along with zumba may be profitable.
Zumba instructors are known for giving back and often do fundraisers for
good causes such as raising money for breast cancer charities. As you
can see being a zumba instructor can be a profitable, fulfilling and an
exciting job opportunity.  If you love teaching zumba you will make money
at it.
How much money can I make teaching zumba?
The salary you make will depend on the facility you teach at, the payment terms and your location. Here are some
common salaries of zumba instructors:
  • health clubs pay from $15 to $25 per hour. Pay rates vary from region to region but this is about the
  • community centers and recreation centers may pay on a percentage, for example you get 70% and the
    center gets 30% of the fees collected
  • corporate classes are usually private classes taught on site for the employees of a company. Pay can
    either be a flat fee from $50 to $100 or $5 to $10 per person paid to the instructor
  • private parties can earn you a flat fee of $100-$150 for an hour of your time.
When calculating how much money you are making for teaching a zumba class you may want to consider your
expenses. Take into account the cost of gas, mileage, music, ipods, equipment, clothing,
zumba shoes,
certification fees, etc. Of course many of these things are also tax-deductible if you are teaching as an
independent contractor.

You also want to take into account your physical expenditure. In other words, you may not be able to physically
teach more than 2 classes per day or even more than 4 classes per week. Zumba can be taxing on your body and
you need to avoid getting burned out. Teaching
Zumba Gold, which is a more gentle zumba, may be a way to
teach more zumba without straining your body so much.
You CAN make money teaching zumba!
Teaching fitness is not always a lucrative job, but if you can teach a good zumba class and attract a following you
can do better than most other types of fitness instructors.

Maybe you are thinking of
becoming a zumba instructor but before you invest in the zumba training workshop you
want to make sure your investment will pay off.

Fortunately, zumba has become one of the most popular dance-fitness programs around and as a result there is
a great demand for it. Even in areas where it is still unknown, a new instructor can introduce zumba and create a
demand for it.
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